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Sapphire and Sapphire X

The Sapphire and Sapphire X uses blue light LED (Light Emitted Diodes) and topical heat to help clean  the skin from the inner layers to

safely and effectively produce a healthy complexion.  

The blue light therapy  and topical heat eliminates bacteria in the dermis layer of the skin to reduce inflammation, control oil and bacteria forming in the sebaceous gland. 

The blue light penetrates into the pores and directly eradicates p. bacteria that is growing inside the skin,  thus significantly reducing comedones and pustules.


The Sapphire X may be used with topical cream and delivers 50% more light exposure.  

The Sapphire and Sapphire X  is painless, safe and a natural way of of eliminating acne in the privacy of your home, at your convenience!

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Sapphire and Sapphire X

Princeton Research Review Clinical Study Results:

100% of subjects noticed a reduction in the size of their blemishes
100% of subjects agreed that they felt their blemishes were visibly reduced
100% of subjects noticed a reduction in the redness of their blemishes
94% of subjects agreed that the device did not make their skin irritated

91% of subjects noticed their complexion looked clearer

100% of subjects noticed the pain of their acne was soothed
100% of subjects agreed that they felt happier with their complexion
100% of subjects felt that the device was easy to use
91% of subjects felt their blemishes resolved faster
94% of subjects agreed their skin appeared clearer after using the device


Sapphire X

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How it Works...

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