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*Light therapy has been proven by leading physicians such as Orthopedists and Pain Management Physicians as to the benefits to the skin treating chronic pain, nerve damage and promoting athletic recovery.

*Relataxio's powerful lights reduces inflammation,  stimulates nerve damage recovery and reduces chronic pain and simulates athletic recovery. 

*The light photons are absorbed into the in your cells' mitochondria, which convert the light into ATP, the stored energy in our body.  This boost of energy at the cellular level increases the circulation in the blood vessels, bringing more proteins and oxygen  essential for recovery and healing which micro-repairs tissues,  decreases inflammation, repairs cell damage, and thus reduces pain. 

*Research and clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of light therapy supporting a variety of medical conditions reporting evidence in accelerating the wound healing  process such as in joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, wounds, burns, and diabetic ulcers.


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How it Works...

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