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Fractional CO2 Laser



Superior Technology - Advanced Engineering - USA Manufactured - Affordable

*Customizable, efficient, potent solution for deep wrinkles, thick scar tissue, and heavily sun-damaged skin. 

*Fractionated CO2 light is applied with carefully controlled damage to the skin, stimulating collagen synthesis and the body's natural regenerative processes.

*MediCO is 50% stronger than standard at 30 W, with large adjustable spot size up to 20 x 20

*Customizable with variable setting options such as ablative/non-ablative, multiple scan patterns, and adjustable energy output for personalized treatment for every patient, achieving extraordinary clinical outcomes.

*MediCO is engineered with revolutionary RF steel canisters to store gas, as RF waves are used to excite the gas unlike standard CO2 lasers which encompass standard glass tubes holding gas utilizing electricity to excite the gas.  As a result, the MediCO stabilizes energy output, providing increased durability lasting 10-12 years before needing re-gassing.  Most other traditional CO2 lasers need expensive re-gassing every 2 years.

*The MediCO incorporates a quite air-cooling jet eliminating the need for liquid cooling apparatuses.


*The MediCO articulating arm is flexible, graceful and easy to use.

Continuum Advanced Aesthetics is an authorized distributor for the MediCO 

utilized by Physicians, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Aestheticians across the globe.   

Engineered and manufactured in a FDA compliant facility the USA and includes 2 year warranty. 


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