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MediLight / MediLightXL

IPL - Intense Pulse Light 

MediLight / MediLightXL 

Superior Technology - Advanced Engineering - USA Manufactured - Affordable

*MediLight is highly effective on hyperpigmenation, uneven skin tone, texture issues, acne reduction, hair removal and more.  

*The MediLight is highly effective, potent, easy to use and minimizes risk and pain for patient with Photon Pulse Train technology

*Photon Pulse Train technology and engineering is what differentiates MediLight from the competition.

*The Pulse Train Mode setting breaks up the larger pulses to sub-pulses and as the energy builds, thus the device takes frequent rest intervals between shorter pulses keeping skin cool and patient comfortable while reaching to peak.

*MediLight's Photon Pulse Train technology allows for greater concentration of energy with lower risk, achieving one pass efficacy.

*MediLight is engineered with swappable filter system operating at peak efficiency. These filters are located further away from the bulbs than traditional systems. This significantly reduces the risk of anything burning out, and allows more reliable and durability.

Continuum Advanced Aesthetics is an authorized distributor for the MediLight and MediLightXL

 utilized by Physicians, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Aestheticians across the globe. 

Engineered and manufactured in a FDA compliant facility the USA and includes 2 year warranty. 

MediLight XL 

MediLightXL Tech Specs.jpg
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